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Founder of Proper Planning & Toolkit Event

Over 30 years of event planning experience (& counting...)

Produced over 5,000 events, including 70 + virtual events on 30+ tech platforms in the past year and a half
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I am here to help you through every step of your event planning process and career.


When we were headed on a family beach trip, I made sure we had frisbees, s’mores sticks, and enough clean socks.

As a high school student body officer, I planned the prom.

After graduating from college, I planned the dorm reunions.

I ran a Rec Center in Korea for 3,000 Army troops and produced a 5k Run in a rice paddy.

When I joined PTA, I organized the chocolate fundraising efforts.

As a football team mom, I planned the team meal menus.


Now I get to PLAN for a living and have been doing so for over 30 years (that makes me 180 in event years).

I can’t imagine doing anything else. It was a natural skill set that has been refined and shaped by producing over 5000 events, worldwide, for every type of client and for groups from 10 to 15,000. I would like to think I have seen and done it all, but in this business, there is always more to learn, create and envision.

"Lynn’s dedication and passion for giving back to the event industry has been an inspiration through a pandemic of unforeseen challenges."

Duane Sunwold

Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management Instructor

Spokane Community College

There is magic that is created when more than one are gathered.

My gift is the ability to create just the right atmosphere, lighting, floor plan, and fun for people to learn, share, grow and connect. There is an opportunity with our new reality in events to continue to innovate, re-imagine and create meaningful ways to continue to gather.

I also know that events are serious business.

I have been striving to gain professional credibility for over three decades. No, I am not a “party planner”...I am a professional event planner. I have been given a $10 million dollar budget to produce a week-long experience in six venues. I know how to ship a crate internationally, I can eyeball an event space and come pretty dang close to the exact square footage. I also push our clients to identify business goals and metrics for each event. I can shave 20% off any event budget when revenues are down, and I could probably even step in for a speaker...if I had their PPT deck in time.

Looking for an #EVENTPROF speaker for your next programing or podcast? 

I have extensive speaking experience and would love to join you at your next show!


In early 2020, before our gathering world was turned upside down, I decided to create Toolkit. A place where I could impart my event “lessons learned”, share my passion for this industry and bring together other event rock stars to engage them to share their best practices.


Coming out of a trying, yet invaluable, year of learning and reshaping the event industry, I’m excited to use Toolkit to inspire and educate our community. Join us for lessons, some laughs, and tips for living your best life as an event planner or industry partner.

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