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Seattle, WA

February 2020

Before the pandemic hit, Toolkit event professionals were able to get together in person, hear from industry speakers, collaborate on ideas, and have a great time. We met at Dockside at Dukes and was joined by 20+ fabulous industry experts. I am forever grateful that I got to host this event before our industry was flipped upside down.


May 2020

Portland, OR

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we had to transition our 2020 Portland event to a completely virtual format in less than a month. While the future of our industry is unknown, Toolkit Event is an important space for leaders to learn how others professionals are adapting to our ever changing industry and the expectations of the future.

Watch the entire Portland Toolkit Event on my Youtube Channel

Past Speakers

Past Speakers

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Join us for TOOLKIT 2022 on August 17th. 

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